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The Economic & Community Development group met on Monday, April 10, 2017, from 6 – 7:15 pm at 20 Grand Ave. Present: Christel, Andrew, Brenda, Rich, Natalie Coe, Kathleen, Lee.


Our main agenda was planning for Riverfest 2017.

  1. Bands. Rich reported that Four Barrel Billy band has flexibility in scheduling and is open to performing at night if Lisa wants to do that. Still no resolution on dance floor yet. One option is Rich and Brenda are thinking about building a dance floor for their back yard which they might lend to CSNA. Another option is Lee may do some grant writing to fund building a floor that would be owned by CSNA. Rich promised to give Lee a copy of proposal he had submitted to Mayor earlier. We still do not have firm price for Carlos band. Lee will explore getting ad spot on Channel 8 Style show, as we did in previous years. If we get the spot, he will ask Carlos to be on the show in exchange for price reduction. 

  2. Food & beer. Christel reported that she heard that Lisa had contacted Jeff Browning of Brewport in Bridgeport. Will confirm with Lisa. Christel also reported on Sally’s concern about city health permits for food vending. We don’t think so because event is on private property and all food vendors are licensed. Christel will call Sally Longo at city to confirm health rules.

  3. Race. Andrew has permitting in place. Still waiting to find out how many officers are required. In past years, police department donated some of their time. Natalie Coe will follow up with our new officer, Renee. Andrew still needs to confirm location for race parking (Lisa?). Christel gave posters to Mary Ann to put up at Q Terrace. Andrew has posted race at CT runners sites. But still few preregistrations. Andrew will send Facebook link for race. Please “like” and promote to your friends. If you belong to a gym or do yoga, please put up a flyer at those locations.

  4. Tables. Kathleen contacted Sound School and Lyman Hall about selling plant seedlings at Riverfest. Sound School will come; they need an 8 foot table. Rich will donate dragons again which can be “sold” in exchange for CSNA donations. Christel will talk to John Pescatore of CDBi to explore if we can do some kind of cross promotion with their Dragon Boat regatta. Christel reported that Kevin Delouch (Mary Ann’s friend) will bring his own table to sell photography and will make donation to CSNA. Christel also contacted Moon Rock’s Cookies lady but has not heard back yet.

  5. Budget. Lee reported that sufficient funds have been raised to cover our main budget items (bands, event insurance, etc).

  6. Promotion. Lee asked Christel to look at last year’s website and email him with changes needed. Sally made a poster we can use.

  7. Set up & takedown. Natalie has confirmed Wacoma tables, chairs, tents. Riverfest this year is on a Saturday, so we need to set up Friday evening. Also with race on Front street we should encourage vendors and others to show up early to minimize traffic jams. Kathleen will contact Sound School about early set up; Christel will do same for QRWA and their canoes. Christel will talk to Lisa about doing a layout; Kathleen will help with this.

Dining Out Night: Pizza at Grand Apizza on Wednesday, April 26. Christel will post. Last month’s Soup Night with Story Telling at Bregamos Theatre was a hit! We should definitely do that again some time.

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