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The Economic & Community Development group met on Monday, Oct. 17, 2016, from 6 – 7 pm at 20 Grand Ave. Present: David Hunter, Nathalie Bonafe, Lee Cruz, Diane Panasci, Carrol D'Sa, Christel Manning, Brenda Brown.


1. Mary Wade letter

David gave background on project (already reviewed at main CSNA meeting). Lee explained the public hearing process. The group’s leadership voted to send a letter of support Individuals present signed letters too.


2. Debrief Fall Festival

The City gave us new requirements to deal with regarding food etc. Carrol D'Sa and George of Grand Apizza helped a lot with this. Also George helped in providing the food we needed (Carrol stated that thin slices of pizza 1/2 size were good). Lee also suggested that Carroll also provide a job description for help with food next year, and he commended her for getting the necessary documents for City compliance

Rich and Brenda provided a dance floor and we have a video of people dancing. Rich made the floor with Bregamos materials. So now both our festivals have had dance floors and we need to work on continuing this. We know we can rent a dance floor from Bregamos but we must figure out a way to get our own dance floor. Lee suggested that Brenda and Rich write up a job description for people to help with the dance floor including moving the dance floor and speakers. We need to get younger people who are excited about dancing to do this. David suggested that next time Rich and Brenda invite some dancers).

Lee stated he no longer asks people to sponsor special festivals. They may choose to connect it to a certain festival but if they just contribute to us without earmark we have a cushion to carry over to the next festival. We should raise at least as much money as we spend on each festival, with a cushion.

We now know that the City does have electrical power in the park. Richard found this out from a City worker while installing the dance floor. So we could have had a sound system. Next time we must arrange to have the box opened by the City and have the sound system. Lee also noted that the new sidewalk around the park was good.

Tambira Armmand was a great asset as MC and she was very good.

Nathalie suggested that we need more flyers advertizing the festivals. David mentioned that since there will be no special Halloween festival that Mary Wade may have a Halloween parade for kids (per someone's request). Lee said that we need to sustain the new tradition of one CSNA fall festival and perhaps the Halloween event at Mary Wade.


3. Dining Out Night

We agreed Dining Out Night would be at Grande APizza Wed Oct 26 from 6pm to 8pm.


4. Structure of Agenda

Lee passed out the Agenda for the September CSNA meeting and a proposed agenda for October. The reason change was needed was that  Mary Ann does less with kids and more with gardens and there is really no longer a Youth Children and Families work group. Lee proposed that the Health category be changed to Health and Gardens and that the garden be listed under that category, and that the Youth, Children and Families category be eliminated. He pointed out that the Economic and Community Development Group now handles most of the activities regarding children. His proposed agenda was approved by the group.



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