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20 Questions in 20 days for $20 ~ Riverfest and the Grand Ave Gastronomy Tour

Tis the day for Riverfest and the Grand Avenue Gastronomy Tour.  Below is the final question. Bring 10 questions with their corresponding correct answers to Riverfest and be the first person to find Lee Cruz for your chance to win either FREE participation in the Tour (if you are one of the first 20 to have signed up) or $20 toward food and drink at Riverfest*.

*Contest rules: one entry per person; answers must be in writing and include the questions; Lee Cruz determines what constitutes a correct answer.

Question countdown...

Question 20: What is the nationality of the father of Quinnipiac Marina owner Lisa Fitch? Hint: she speaks French.  

Question 19: What is the topic of the mural at Lewis St. Park? Bonus question: how was the "I heart Fair Haven" tagline on it made?

Question 18: What is the name of the yacht club on Front Street? It's one of the oldest continuously run clubs in New Haven.

Question 17: What is the name of the hardware store that operated for over 100 years on Grand Ave. at the Quinnipiac River?

Question 16: What types of businesses currently occupy the Kings Block building on Grand Ave? (Hint: there are two.) Bonus question: name the two types of businesses that historically used this building.

Question 15: What year was the current Grand Avenue bridge built?

Question 14: In the early 1900s, there was a second bridge just north of the existing Grand Avenue bridge. What was it for?

Question 13: Name of the business previously located in the space currently occupied by Grand Vin Wine Shop.

Question 12: What is the name of the nonprofit located at the corner of Grand Avenue and Front Street?

Question 11: What is the name of the Community Garden at Grand Avenue and Perkins Street?

Question 10: The Strong School building on Grand Avenue was built in 19____?

Question 9: There is a parking lot at the corner of Grand & East Pearl. What type of business was in the most recent building on that property?

Question 8: What is the name of the previous restaurant located where La Molienda Restaurant is located today?

Question 7: Cathedral of High Praise Church on Grand Ave. is in a building that originally housed a congregation of what denomination?  

Question 6: Who donated the money to build the Fair Haven Branch of the New Haven Free Public Library?

Question 5: Name the historic social service agency on Grand Avenue,  across the Street from Fair Haven K-8 School? 

Question 4: Name a predecessor to C-town supermarket, at the plaza, at Grand Ave. & Ferry St. It was a local chain the name began with P. 

Question 3:  There are at least two Turkish owned businesses on Grand Avenue, name one.

Question 2: When standing at the intersection of Grand Ave. & Blatchley Ave. If you head north you go to one neighborhood, east another neighborhood, west yet another neighborhood. Name two of the three neighborhoods you come to first, in each of these directions.  

Question 1: On the pole in front of Fair Haven's Columbus School, there is a sculpture of a man in a crow's nest. Who is that man?


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Comment by Diane Panasci on April 15, 2015 at 9:40am

Question 20: What is the nationality of the father of Quinnipiac Marina owner Lisa Fitch? Hint: she speaks French.  Since Lisa speaks French and her surname has French origins (see below) I would say her ancestry is French. However,  I believe ( could be wrong) that she was born here, so her nationality  would be American.

From Wikipedia: "

Fitch is a family name of Old French origin. Like most ancient surnames, there are a number of possible origins to the name. It may originate from the Old French word fissell meaning "an iron-pointed implement".[1] It may also derive from William de Gernon who inherited the barony of Stansted Mountfitchet in Essex, England and took the surname "de Montifitchet". His ancestors eventually shortened the name first to "Fitche" and then to "Fitch".[2]

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