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The Manufacturing and Community Technical Hub, MATCH, is a comprehensive model that demonstrates the value of people and organizations working together to make a community strong, healthy and empowered.

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MATCH provides contract manufacturing services as a vehicle for commercially relevant manufacturing job training and paid manufacturing experience.

As an inclusive and predominantly self-funded public-private non-profit manufacturing facility, MATCH coordinates comprehensive training, mentorship, wrap-around support, and jobs to the New Haven community.

Operating as a revenue driven contract manufacturer to support other local manufacturing companies, students and team members will learn relevant manufacturing skills, machinery and concepts while also being exposed to business and entrepreneurial opportunities. Re-invested proceeds from contract manufactured items as well as sales of finished goods to national firms provides revenue to support the diversity of the community, to offer multi-lingual and flex-schedule training, job placement and community support services.


New Haven boasts a rich manufacturing history with several major manufacturers and notable innovations. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, the city thrived as an industrial hub. Raw materials were brought into the harbor and finish goods went out via the rail service to New York. These manufacturing giants attracted skilled workers and immigrants, shaping the city’s diverse population.

Eli Whitney’s interchangeable parts technology revolutionized mass production and placed New Haven at the forefront of innovation and manufacturing which was further driven by companies such as the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, renowned for revolutionizing firearm production. The New Haven Clock Company, which produced high-quality timepieces, earned New Haven the moniker of the “Clock City.” Eli Whitney Blake’s crushed stone made highway and railroad bed mass construction possible.

The city’s history of innovation and economic growth owes much to the leadership and vision of key figures in these companies, who spearheaded advancements and propelled New Haven’s manufacturing sector to greatness. However, with the decline of traditional manufacturing in the late 20th century, New Haven faced economic challenges and a loss of jobs.

Efforts supported by the city of New Haven and directly by Connecticut are now underway to revitalize the manufacturing sector through initiatives like MATCH, focused on workforce development, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


The MATCH model is based on the idea that everything is a training opportunity. Manufacturing is about more than standing at a machine; through MATCH’s bilingual training, we will help our trainees acquire a broad set of meaningful skills.

MATCH will design the curriculum based on manufacturing and training best practices to achieve maximum deliverables. MATCH will provide both 25 hour and 40 hour weekly training modules. The 25 hour module is specifically intended to welcome women and/or parents to the workforce and afford them the path to greatly change personal wealth and well-being.

MATCH students can be enrolled in the Connecticut Department of Labor Pre-Apprenticeship program.


At MATCH, we prioritize the education and growth of a diverse group of trainees. Our training is specifically designed to cater to the needs of various individuals, specifically, women, high school graduates entering the workforce, unemployed New Haven residents, New Haven residents of color, and re-entry residents. We believe in creating an inclusive environment that promotes equal opportunities for all.

To ensure the success of MATCH trainees, we employ a comprehensive approach. We actively recruit students from their own neighborhoods, recognizing the importance of familiarity and community support in the learning process. Furthermore, we value the dedication and commitment of our trainees by paying them while they are training. Alongside our bilingual staff, we collaborate with local agencies to offer comprehensive support and guidance to our students throughout their journey.

Our primary objective is to equip MATCH trainees with the necessary skills and knowledge that make them highly desirable employees for local manufacturers. We understand the importance of bridging the gap between education and employment, and thus our training modules are tailored to meet industry demands. By focusing on practical training and real-world applications, we empower our students and provide them with a solid foundation for career opportunities in the manufacturing sector.


At our facility, MATCH trainees receive comprehensive support from on-site community experts to ensure their success. MATCH is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all MATCH trainees. Between language translation services and convenient transportation, MATCH removes barriers to attendance and participation.

To address the practical needs of our students, financial literacy is prioritized, with guidance provided on banking, retirement savings, budgeting, and fiscal preparedness. We offer assistance in housing and energy, ensuring trainees have access to essential resources. We guide them through the benefits cliff, helping them navigate potential challenges during their transition to employment.

Career-building services such as resume building, mock interviews, and employer meet and greets are provided to enhance employability. MATCH emphasizes the importance of professional appearance through the Dress for Success program. Finally, we provide information on continuing education opportunities, including 2-year and 4-year programs for further skill development.

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